web_ak_operation_portraits_142Akademikliniken is one of Europe’s leading private institutions for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, with clinics in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The company was founded in 1991 by Dr Per Hedén and Dr Jan Jernbeck. Akademikliniken performs more than 60 000 aesthetic procedures yearly, a wide range of surgical procedures are offered by our team of specialists.

Akademikliniken insists on a holistic view of beauty and also provides a wide range of non-surgical procedures such as injections with fillers and botulinum toxin as well as medical skincare and the expertise of dermatologists. Aesthetic dentistry is also part of the clinic and the company has its own line of advanced skincare products.

Akademikliniken holds a leading position in research  and studies in the aesthetic surgical field. The AK-method for breast enlargement is highly respected and our surgeons initiate and participate on a regular basis in research studies. The total volume of operations and our long experience  in the aesthetic field attracts a large number of professional visitors each year. Akademikliniken hosts trainings and more than 600 plastic surgeons from all over the world attend these sessions each year.

In May/June each year Akademikliniken hosts the international Beauty through Science meeting in Stockholm, an opportunity for aesthetic specialists from all over the world to meet and exchange experiences as well as network.