BTS is the best cutting-edge speed-run through the many facets of aesthetic breast, body and facial surgery that I have been to in years. While it delivers technical pearls in abundance, it’s outstanding value lies in allowing and encouraging opposing positions between experts to be heard in full. As a result, we all become more complete surgeons understanding our own surgical philosophies and potential for continuing improvement.

Outstanding meeting, very good match between surgical and non-surgical!

All in all a wonderful congress. The live surgeries were excellent, very professional. The overall vibe of the congress was friendly and educational.

If you’re searching for quality and high scientific standards, this is the one! Your joy in Beauty through Science starts at forever and ends at never.

Beauty through Science is a wonderful opportunity to learn the latest information, insights & techniques for surgeons and non surgeons alike in a wonderful city – knowledge that we take back with us to our offices the very next day.

This is the best Scientific meeting I have attended in my career.