Stockholm is one of the most beautiful major cities in the world, a mix of modern steel and glass architecture and historical saffron- and terracotta-coloured buildings. In the summer the city casts reflections in the water surrounding the 14 islands on which it is built and in the winter you’ll find it snow covered and dotted with lights.

In 2010 Stockholm was the first capital to be named “European Green Capital”. It’s also a vibrant, modern city, known for producing innovative IT and media businesses, sleek designs, edgy fashion and world-class nightclubs. It offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a bustling café and restaurant culture and has one of the highest concentrations of museums and galleries in the world. Yet the city centre is small enough to allow you to take it in on foot.

Beyond the buzzing metropolis of the city centre’s boutiques and restaurants Stockholm is laid out before you in a system of connected islands. South of the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is the charming Gamla Stan (Old Town) and beyond that is Södermalm, a residential oasis where tons of great eateries, bohemian shops and art galleries line the main streets. To the west, just north of the big city boulevards and shopping streets, you’ll find more pockets of restaurants and shops in Kungsholmen.

Surrounding all of this – the 24,000 or so islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago.


If you have some time for sightseeing while you are visiting Stockholm for the BTS congress, please go to Visit Stockholm’s webpage for ideas and inspiration.

Time difference

Swedish time is GMT plus 1 hour.

Currency & exchange

Local currency: Swedish Krona (SEK).
Current exchange rate (as of October 2019)
100 SEK = 10,37 US Dollar
100 SEK = 9,29 EURO

Visa & Entry requirements

Prior to booking flights, registrants are strongly advised to confirm with their travel agent whether they require a Visa to travel to Sweden. Information about Visa requirements can be found on the World Travel Guide website: On request, the The BTS Event Team will be pleased to send letters of invitation to individual delegates intended to obtain visas. They do not imply any commitment or responsibility on behalf of the Congress to provide financial support. Please note that letters of invitation can only be sent after receipt of registration and payment of full registration fee. Please note that Visa applications can take a while to be processed, so please send us your request for a letter of invitation in due time. BTS will not be responsible for any cancellations or delays caused by authorities due to a lack of Visa or other required documentation